Time for something different

More than half of all voters feel no affinity to the main political parties (see link below). Fewer than one in five identifies with the Conservative Party and one in six with Labour. And its neither wonder as people are fed up with political infighting, chaos and self-interest.

This is what led me into standing for North of Tyne Mayor in the first place. I want to give people living in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland the opportunity to vote for a candidate who is free of party political control and above the chaos of Westminster. Our new Mayor should be somebody who understands the struggles and opportunities of everyday life, somebody who can unite the private, public and voluntary sectors and somebody who can stand on a national or international stage and clearly articulate a bold vision for the North of Tyne. I think that is too great a task, too big a responsibility, too important an opportunity to leave to a party political candidate. That’s why I’m standing for election on 2 May.