My election address

Every person on the electoral roll in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland will soon receive a booklet explaining more about the forthcoming North of Tyne mayoral election. Candidates have had the opportunity to include their election address in the booklet…this is basically a summary of who we are and why we’re standing. Look out for your copy in the post soon but in the meantime, here’s the text of my election address:

The mayoral election is a big moment for people living, learning and working in the North of Tyne.

I've done all three. I was born here, went to school, learned my trade, raised my children, lost my job through redundancy here, and now I've built a small business employing eight people here.

I love this region and I’m proud to call it home. But I've seen first-hand how tough life can sometimes be here. Now we have a great opportunity to grab hold of things for ourselves and unleash the potential of our people and our place.

But I fear this once in a generation chance might be missed because the main parties will yet again use our region as an arena to fight the same old national political battles.

That's why I've decided to step forward. Only an independent mayor will be answerable to the people of this region and no one else. And only an independent mayor will be free to build the kind of future the North of Tyne deserves.

Today’s Labour party is dominated by Momentum and its far-left agenda and the Conservatives care more about their own jobs in government than ours in the real world.

I’m tired of waiting and hoping for them to change. The only way we will get a different outcome in North of Tyne is by doing things for ourselves.

I want us to create an economy in which employers can grow their businesses and create jobs, and where people of all ages, genders and ethnic background can use their talent to the full.

As mayor, I will ensure every pound invested from devolution goes towards closing the economic gap that exists between our region and the South East.

I will establish a mayoral commission on opportunity to examine issues of diversity, equality, social mobility and mental health.  This will be the most comprehensive review of its kind ever undertaken in the UK and it will smash the glass ceiling and remove barriers to opportunity.

I want us to make the most of our vibrant city, our proud local communities and our wonderful coast and countryside, by making them better connected and more accessible. 

And this is just the beginning. We need more investment in our communities and more decisions taken locally, and I’ll never settle for Tory and Labour politicians in London saying no.

Our broken politics have divided us for too long.  I want North of Tyne to be at the forefront of restoring our optimistic, inclusive, caring country.

If you share this vision, please vote McCabe for Mayor on 2 May and let’s get started making this happen.